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When Dad and I Went Fishin' (2022)
1 - When Dad and I Went Fishin'

"...When Dad and I went fishin', we talked man to man."
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While Greg Freeman is mostly known for his songwriting, particularly in the southern gospel field, Greg believes that songwriters are duty bound to write about the things that inspire them, stir their emotions, provoke some thought,  or otherwise keep them up at night.  "My faith in Christ hugely influences what I write about, but life and all its ups and downs, its complexities, its conflicts, all play a part in my songs' content," Freeman says.  "Some of my songs are directly about Jesus.  Others are no less relevant just because they're not."  Freeman, the co-writer of "I Owe You Everything," recorded by the Collingsworth Family in 2021 on Gatiher Music, began working on "When Dad and I Went Fishin'" prior to his father's passing in November 2019 and revisited the song in the summer of 2021, turning what started out as a guitar-vocal demo in 2019 into a full track.  A video followed in the fall of 2021. 

"I confess my dad and I didn't really do a lot of fishing when I was a kid," Freeman says, "but we did a lot of other things together that afforded us opportunities to bond and learn from each other."  Freeman continues, "So many dads are not present in their kids' lives, and so many kids have never known what it's like to have a father figure.  Already, '
When Dad and I Went Fishin'' has received a positive response from guys who have shared stories of fishing with their dads, and I've heard from young dads who are making memories with their kids.  I love how the song is resonating.  If it causes some older men to re-examine whether they need to mend fences with their sons and daughters, or prompts some younger dads to devote more time to their children, then I've fulfilled my role as an artist and songwriter."

When Dad and I Went Fishin'" was produced by Freeman's longtime friend and producer, Art Bain.  Art was moved by the song, as he shared a memory of fishing with his late father back home in Texas.  Art's son, Alex, a frequent contributor to Greg Freeman projects on acoustic guitar, was equally stirred by the song.  "To work with this father-son combination and see the song evoke different, yet powerful, reactions from both reassured me that I have something special here," Freeman says.  "I was further excited to enlist the help of Caleb Gilbreath on drums and percussion.  Based in Nashville, Caleb tours with Warner Bros. artist Brett Eldredge. "

September 27 - October 3, 2021 - Southern Inspirations, a Southern gospel radio show syndicated to stations throughout the USA and in some international locales, included "I Know" (featuring Calvin Newton) on its show, which also included music by Gary LeVox, The Isaacs, Greater Vision, Cana's Voice, Gordon Mote and more!

September 13, 2021 - "I Know" (featuring Calvin Newton), a track from Blessing and Blessing, was released to select radio shows and stations. 

March 10, 2021 - Tyler Gallagher, writing  for Authority Magazine, interviewed Greg as part of a series of interviews with prominent business leaders and public figures.  In the article, titled "Putting The United Back Into the United States:  Greg Freeman of 'Greg Freeman Media' On The 5 Things That Each Of Us Can Do To Help Unite Our Polarized Society," Greg spoke of his faith, the impact of gospel music on his life and how his life experiences have informed his mindset.  The article was subsequently syndicated to Arianna Huffington's publication, Thrive Global.

April 1, 2019 - Featuring Greg as a guest, an episode of Babbie Mason's talkshow, Babbie's House, aired in the Atlanta area.  In an impromptu duet, Babbie and Greg sang her great song, "The House That Love Built," and Greg performed two songs from Blessing and Blessing:  Bill Gaither's "If It Keeps Gettin' Better" and "Nothing Can Separate Me," a song Greg and Babbie co-wrote.  Babbie's House also airs nationally on the National Religous Broadcasters (NRB) network.

January 22, 2019 - Greg was the featured artist on Atlanta Live, the flagship program at WATC TV 57.  Hosting the show were Dr. Erol and Sandra Onal!

January 16,2019 - GMA Dove Award-winning artist Babbie Mason interviewed Greg and featured "Nothing Can Separate Me" in an episode of Babbie's House on the Radio, which is aired on www.BabbieMasonRadio.com.

January 4, 2019 - Most digital outlets, including iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and Pandora added Blessing and Blessing to their stores.

December 28, 2018 - Greg Freeman's gospel debut, an EP titled Blessing and Blessing, officially released.  The first buyer of the project was a gospel music fan in Norway!

When Dad and I Went Fishin' (2022)
Project Credits


Produced by Art Bain

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Art Bain at Artist Tracks, Williamston, South Carolina, USA

Photography - Selena Isbell Martin, Cotton Creek Photography, Fair Play, South Carolina, taken on location along Lake Hartwell at South Carolina Welcome Center, Fair Play, South Carolina, USA

1 - When Dad and I Went Fishin'
Greg Freeman
Copyright © 2021 Greg Freeman Music/BMI. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Keyboards - Art Bain; Acoustic Guitar - Alex Bain; Drums, Percussion - Caleb Gilbreath;
Harmony Vocal - Greg Freeman

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Greg Freeman is publisher and editor of Southern Edition, the digital publication devoted to the American South, for which he has interviewed Grammy Award winners Bill Gaither, Ashley Cleveland, Wes Hampton, Ricky McKinnie (of the Blind Boys of Alabama) and Chris Albertson (record producer and author of the Bessie Smith biography, Bessie).  Greg's articles on gospel songwriter Cleavant Derricks and pioneering blues singer Ida Cox have garnered international readership. 

In addition to
Southern Edition, the Greg Freeman Media portfolio includes Greg Freeman's Garden Chronicle (ISSN 2575-9744), an internationally-read gardening publicaiton, Philly Dally, a growing collection of articles, essays and other media related to Philadelphia, and Sires and Dams, a publication devoted to horse breeding.

Greg is a well-published author, whose musician biographies have appeared in major encyclopedias, including the
African American National Biography and Music around the World:  A Global Encyclopedia (2020).  He has contributed to other authoritative works, including Race in American Film:  Voices and Visions That Shaped a Nation (2017) and The British Empire:  A Historical Encyclopedia (2018).  He was also an important contributor to the book, Encyclopedia of Arkansas Music (2013), and an essay by Greg appears in Gender and the Modern Sherlock Holmes:  Essays on Film and Television Adaptations Since 2009 (2015).

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