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Sunlight and Shadows (2015)
1 - Sunlight and Shadows; 2 - Love Can Find You There

Diving In Entertainment founder Greg Freeman has written a number of songs with other artists, films and television projects in mind, but he felt that it's time to do a bit of recording himself.  His single, Sunlight and Shadows, includes the self-penned title track and "Love Can Find You There," the piano-vocal version of a song he co-wrote with veteran producer and multiple Emmy winner Cheryl Rogers (who produced a track on the Grammy Award-winning Tribute:  The Songs of Andrae Crouch). 
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All photographs of Greg Freeman on this page by Matthew Alan Neal, and may not be used without written permission.

"Sunlight and Shadows" continues to receive radio airplay in Europe and Down Under where it is played on variety radio alongside Sam Smith, Paul McCartney, Adele, Rod Stewart, Ed Sheeren and Calvin Harris!

January 31, 2018
- "Love Can Find You There," the second track from Greg Freeman's single release, Sunlight and Shadows, was featured on The WOAFM99 Radio Show (Episode 2, Season 12), hosted by Oliver Sean.  The show airs on FM stations in India and Dubai, and is supported internationally on public radio by PRX.

 November 16, 2016 - Greg Freeman appeared for the second time this year in a taping of Babbie Mason's television talk show, Babbie's House, which is broadcast nationally throughout the United States on the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) network on DirecTV.  In this episode, Babbie interviews Greg about his love for black gospel music, and Greg performs his radio single, "Sunlight and Shadows," and the Thomas A. Dorsey gospel classic, "God Be With You."

March 3, 2016
- "Sunlight and Shadows" made its debut on Babbie Mason Radio.

January 6, 2016 -
Ballarat, Australia-based VoiceFM downloaded "Sunlight and Shadows" for airplay, making it one of many stations to recently add the song to their playlist.

December 11, 2015
- Today was the official release day for Sunlight and Shadows, Greg Freeman's single, which includes the title track and "Love Can Find You There."

October 18-24, 2015
- "Sunlight and Shadows" was featured on the syndicated radio show, An Hour of Country.  Airing from New Zealand and hosted by Sue Dyson, An Hour of Country is heard on multiple stations in New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom as well as International Connection Radio and NBRN in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

September 30, 2015
- Kenneth Howard Smith featured Greg Freeman and his release of Sunlight and Shadows on the Coleman Kestin Smith blog.  Memphis-based Smith Data Communications, part of the SDC OmniMedia Group, a global firm with interests in radio, television, film, music and online media, is responsible for the CKS blog.

September 28-October 4, October 12-18, October 19-25 & October 26-November 1, 2015
- Bruges, Belgium-based Vbro 2 106.4 FM featured "Sunlight and Shadows" on its playlists week after week.  On Vbro's variety format, the song occupied the same playlist as Rod Stewart's "Please" and Justin Beiber's "What Do You Mean," as well as Adele's smash hit, "Hello".

September 18, 2015
- London One Radio downloaded "Sunlight and Shadows for airplay and posted Greg Freeman's Electronic Press Kit for its online visitors to review.

September 14, 18 & 21, 2015
- Radio Mol 105.2 FM in Mol, Antwerp, Belgium played "Sunlight and Shadows on Gedraaide Platen op Maandag ("Twisted Plates on Monday"), and the song has been played intermittently ever since.

September 8, 2015 -
Greg Freeman's debut radio single, "Sunlight and Shadows," was sent out to radio stations around the world, catching the attention of BBC Radio 6, BBC Radio 3 and Vittek Tape (60 stations from Italy to Bangladesh to Belize).  Within hours, the song generated positive feedback and  requests for radio liners!  Major networks such as BBC do test spins in their consideration of songs for regular rotation.  Nonetheless, their interest in downloading the song is encouraging.  Dozens of other radio stations, at first glance, have begun playing the song.

November 21, 2014 - Greg Freeman was featured on The WOAFM99 Radio Show (Season 5, Episode 3), a syndicated radio show heard in India and Dubai and hosted by MTV Europe Music Awards nominee Oliver Sean.  As a singer-songwriter who focuses primarily on gospel music, Greg is pleased to be included alongside Byron Matcolm, Darren Power, Tuck Neilsen, Majic and Lorraine Milton on a program that targets fans of mainstream independent artists.
Sunlight and Shadows (2015)
Project Credits

Produced by Art Bain

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Art Bain at Artist Tracks, Williamston, South Carolina, USA

1 -
Sunlight and Shadows
Greg Freeman
Copyright Greg Freeman Music/BMI

Keyboards - Art Bain
Acoustic Guitar - Alex Bain
Electric Guitar, Harmonica - David Johnson

Background Vocals - Cindy Orr, Greg Freeman

2 - Love Can Find You There
Greg Freeman, Cheryl Rogers
Copyright Greg Freeman Music/BMI, Grateful Bread Music/ASCAP

Piano - Art Bain

Photography by Matthew Alan Neal
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Greg Freeman's SouthernEdition.com
Greg Freeman is publisher and editor of Southern Edition, the digital publication devoted to the American South, for which he has interviewed Grammy Award winners Bill Gaither, Ashley Cleveland, Wes Hampton, Ricky McKinnie (of the Blind Boys of Alabama) and Chris Albertson (record producer and author of the Bessie Smith biography, Bessie).  Greg's articles on gospel songwriter Cleavant Derricks and pioneering blues singer Ida Cox have garnered international readership. 

In addition to
Southern Edition, the Greg Freeman Media portfolio includes Greg Freeman's Garden Chronicle (ISSN 2575-9744), an internationally-read gardening publication, Philly Dally, a growing collection of articles, essays and other media related to Philadelphia, and Sires and Dams, a publication devoted to horse breeding.

Greg is a well-published author, whose musician biographies have appeared in major encyclopedias, including the
African American National Biography and Music around the World:  A Global Encyclopedia (2020).  He has contributed to other authoritative works, including Race in American Film:  Voices and Visions That Shaped a Nation (2017) and The British Empire:  A Historical Encyclopedia (2018).  He was also an important contributor to the book, Encyclopedia of Arkansas Music (2013), and an essay by Greg appears in Gender and the Modern Sherlock Holmes:  Essays on Film and Television Adaptations Since 2009 (2015).

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Being Bold.  Embarking on an adventure or pursuing a dream requires courage and audacity.  Ambitious and driven, American singer, songwriter and author Greg Freeman established Diving In Entertainment, LLC in May 2014 to serve as a conduit through which music and other media can impact lovers of great music, film and television! 

Having Faith. 
If faith is the opposite of doubt, Diving In Entertainment, LLC is casting aside any fears of failure and welcoming the challenges any small company is bound to face amid industries dominated by corporate giants.

Diving In.  While some teeter on the edge, we are diving in with all we've got!  We are aiming globally, while others function within rigid figurative and literal boundaries.  We aspire to touch the heart and stir the very consciousness of our audience, while most companies seek to merely catch the wave of the latest passing fad.  And, though many labels and production companies hope to do little more than market their product to the new generation, we wish to influence and inspire individuals of all ages to live and love passionately.  Through creative self-expression, we can foster brotherly love, encourage profound thinking and promote the kind of positive action that could change our world!  God willing, we will.

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